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Claudette Vanravenstein

Harmony Public Schools
Instructional Data Coordinator
Houston, TX
Claudette Van Ravenstein was a Gifted and Talented (G/T) District Coordinator for all Harmony Houston North schools for 6 years, serving over 900 students from 9 campuses in their GATE program. She started teaching full-time in 2010, first as the K-3 Technology Teacher at Harmony School of Excellence. In 2011, she embarked on her GT
journey when she started providing pull-out services for K-5 students. She has organized Gifted and Talented Institute days where all district instructional staff received the annual 6 state mandated GT update hours. She has provided numerous professional learning sessions in person and virtually to instructional staff and leaders in her district as well as the entire Harmony Public Schools G/T program. She has presented at several conferences: TAGT, NAGC, WCGTC and the local Houston Area GT Co-op (HAC). She also organized the district's first Unconference amidst the Corona pandemic in May 2020. She is an avid proponent of increasing learning and achievement for all scholars with the use of technology by combining her degree in Computer Science with her love for education.
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