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UTeach CS Principles / UTeach Professional Development

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UTeach CS Principles is...
  • A classroom-ready curriculum and comprehensive teacher materials that rely on delivery models that are flexible and easy for teachers to use in a variety of high school classroom and school settings
  • Intended to be implemented by teachers with a variety of content backgrounds and levels of expertise through intensive scaffolding and ongoing support throughout the school year
  • Designed to be taught using the Buck Institute for Education's project-based approach to engage young women and students from other historically underrepresented groups
  • Fully aligned with both the spirit and letter of the College Board’s AP® Computer Science Principles Framework and endorsed by the College Board
UTeach Professional Development
UTeach is an innovative university-based teacher preparation program that started in 1997 at The University of Texas at Austin. We work to increase the number of highly effective STEM teachers in U.S. secondary schools and are committed to academic excellence in education. School districts interested in hiring UTeach alumni can access tailored recruiting opportunities by joining the UTeach STEM Educators Association. For more than 15 years, UTeach has offered our award-winning, high-quality, research-based professional learning opportunities for all in-service K–12 educators. Focus areas include blended learning, inquiry-based learning, and project-based instruction.