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Patti Ordóñez

University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras
Associate Professor, Computer Science
I am an Associate Professor in the Computer Science faculty at the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras and thereby fulfilling two lifelong and one unexpected midlife dreams - living in a Spanish speaking country, having the opportunity to make a greater difference in the world, and becoming a professor. My research interests are in applying machine learning, data mining, and visualization to multivariate time series analysis, specifically to large repositories of clinical data. There are so many techniques that have been applied to financial and marketing data that can make a significant impact to improve the way medicine is practiced today. Through collaboration among computational scientists, medical professionals, and others, tools can be developed to create clinical decision support systems so that medical providers make better diagnosis and treatment plans by learning from the experience of previous providers who have had similar patients. I founded the Symposium of Health Informatics for Latin America and the Caribbean as a major step in addressing that objective through international collaboration. I am passionate about making quality health and education accessible to all. I am also passionate about diversifying the field of computer science and thereby am active in mentoring and developing mentoring communities at the high school level, college and graduate school level, and in creating assistive technologies for programming and communication so that computer science is for all.